Baghi; Pakistan’s own beauty and the beast tale

Baghi; Pakistan’s own beauty and the beast tale


Originally beauty and the beast ends on a happy note but this Pakistani version however is tragic. Beast unlike the original story is not a beast by his looks but his inner cruelty.

There once was a beauty who was bold and fearless. She became the local internet sensation. Her daring videos and valiant stand for women empowerment raised several brows. She was a slut, a prostitute, a shame for the nation whatever was she, Qandeel didn’t deserve to be murdered.

She was killed in the name of honor of her family. The beast who strangled her to death was none other than her own blood, her own childhood mate, her brother.

Qandeel’s murder flared an outcry from only the liberals of our society. Many still support her murder while others are in midst of deciding whether it served her right or was it a terrible mistake our society supported by taunting her.

However the upcoming drama series starring Saba Qamar is based on Qandeel’s story. This biopic sure is very different from the traditional Pakistani dramas. Let’s just hope it highlights that there is no honor in honor killing. The project is named befittingly as “Baghi” which means rebel.

Actress Saba Qamar should be lauded for accepting this role as she is going to face strong resentment from a particular mind set.

The recent pictures posted on the actress’s social media account left us in awe and we wish this young lady all the good luck!

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