Bahria Enclave Incident: Faisal Qureshi Expresses Grief Over People’s Reaction


According to source several people were injured on April 28 night after seating collapsed during a musical event staged for an ARY Zindagi’s program recording Eidi Sab Kay Liye in Bahria Enclave.

Police reported that prizes were being distributed at the show when the chairs and stage fell down after a rod below the stage broke, leaving the scene in complete chaos.

Senior citizens and kids were badly injured. Some experienced severe spinal cord injuries and may be at risk of lifelong paralysis.

S. Khan, present at the event, sustained injuries along with his father and mother. He revealed that they were seated ‘at least 20 feet from the ground’, which was the top tier.

While wondering why no television channel covered the incident, Khan stated that only Geo ran a ticker for a while but then removed it shortly afterward.

“People, among them women, lay around me injured, some with head injuries and others with broken limbs,” Khan described the scene, lucky to escape the commotion only with a dislocated finger.

The injured were rushed to the Polyclinic and Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital. It was reported that the condition of five people was extremely critical.

The incident was not mentioned by ARY, despite their cameras arriving first at the scene.

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