BBC documentary about Harvey Weinstein scandal in the works

BBC documentary about Harvey Weinstein scandal in the works


BBC has ordered a feature-length documentary on Harvey Weinstein’s rise and fall.

The doc will include interviews with “the many actresses who have been brave enough to tell their stories” of sexual harassment and assault scandal, as well as producers, directors, actors, agents, lawyers, journalists and others, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Directed by Ursula MacFarlane (Charlie Hebdo: Three Days that Shook Paris), the 90-minute feature has the working title Weinstein.

The production company behind the project, Lightbox shared that it wants the documentary to tell “the definitive story of Weinstein’s career, fall from grace and Hollywood’s culture of abuse.”

Lightbox said it would provide “fresh insights and revelations to the epic story of Weinstein’s rise and fall,” as well as “the definitive account of one of the most far-reaching scandals in Hollywood’s history — one which is still developing.”

The Chinn cousins, who are executive producers of the documentary, shared: “Through telling the story of Weinstein’s extraordinary rise and fall, this film will really get to the heart of the big questions that lie at the center of the scandal: how did Weinstein get away with his behavior for so long, what does his story reveal about how powerful men have operated in Hollywood and beyond and will this be a watershed moment in terms of the way women are treated in the workplace?”

Even though the air date hasn’t been set, the expectation is for the documentary to be broadcast in Britain on BBC Two some time in 2018.

The Weinstein scandal, which came to light in October when The New York Times and The New Yorker published several reports of sexual misconduct and assault by the producer have opened floodgates for women and men to come forward and share their stories of harassment.

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