Heroin Found In PIA Aircraft – 12 Employees Taken Into Confinement

Karachi: 6kg Heroin was found hidden in the toilet of PIA aircraft for which 12 employees were held responsible and were immediately arrested on Monday.
PIA aircraft was intended to take off for Dubai from Lahore, until 6 kg of heroin was contrived during the raid by Anti-Narcotics force, on Saturday; resulting as increasing misbehaving attitude of the employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
According to Danial Gilani’s statement to Reuters, “Around a dozen employees of PIA have been detained and are being interrogated in connection with heroin seizure.” To which he further added, “If proven guilty, they will face action with respect to their jobs, in addition to the legal consequences.”
This ailing attitude of the PIA employees has been going on since awhile, as last year, 5 cabin crew members were taken into custody in Britain, after being reported of smuggling cell phones alongside foreign currency.
Also, to keep under notice, a PIA pilot was put into police custody for 9 months in Britain after coming across that he was over 3 times the actual alcohol limit for flying. According to the sources, there were 156 people who had boarded the plane and could face a nightmare if the pilot hadn’t been apprehended.

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