Muslim Couple Kicked Off A Delta Flight

A Pakistani-American couple was singled out by the Delta Airlines, as they seemed, a little ‘suspicious’ while sweating and saying Allah.
Faisal and Nazia, were all set to leave for Cincinnati, Ohio, from Paris, after spending their 10th Anniversary. The flight was about to take off, when a crew member came to them and ordered them to leave the aircraft immediately, by taking along with them all their belongings as they will not be allowed to travel in that flight. According to Nazia, “That was really alarming. I was scared because it looked like some random guy was taking pictures of our passports on his personal phone,” she said.
Upon asking the Delta Airlines of their rude behavior, an employee explained that the pilot was not very comfortable with their presence in the aircraft; also, one of the crew members had seen Faisal conceal his phone as he walked past him, which added to their curiosity about the couple and therefore the couple was ordered to be escorted out of the plane immediately.
Amid their interrogation regarding their stay in Paris, the details that were revealed were that the couple went to Paris, to celebrate their 10th anniversary together and when they asked the airline crew about what wrong have they done, they got replied with, “You have done nothing wrong, unfortunately this is the way the world is right now. It is Delta’s word against yours.”
Defending himself for keeping his phone inside while passing by the crew member, Faisal said that he had been texting his mother all along as she was going to pick him and his wife up at the airport. He kept his phone inside and that was definitely not because he was hiding anything. Also, he was sweating because of the poor air ventilation systems in the aircraft.

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