CM To Take Action Against The Garbage Problem In Karachi

Karachi, as being one of the biggest cities in the country, has come across a lot. First the government had to take measures against the increasing criminal activity in the city and now, the government is in countenance with the rising problem – The Garbage Problem.

According to the new CM of Sindh, the increasing Garbage issue in the city is resulting in utter annoyance and not only the people, but himself, are also very annoyed with the problem. All this time, Karachiites were bashing out at the Sindh government for their ignorance regarding the dreaded garbage issue and after the rain, the issue seemed to have gotten just worst, adding to people’s problems.

The garbage on the roads and streets seems to have been multiplied, as the sweepers are in a reduced number and thus, on-the-front sweeping of the garbage gets delayed by days and even weeks. On throwing a meeting to get reported on the progress made in cleaning the garbage struck areas, the CM was told that the DHA is dumping their garbage into the Malir River; to which Shah asked the commissioner to get the DHA administration to resolve this matter. Immediately.

Furthermore, Murad Ali Shah had ordered the DMCs to clean all the important roads in Karachi and get rid of all the garbage that has been lying along the roads. Also, he had ordered the garbage dumped in the parks and the grounds to be lifted and dumped into the dumping spots, designated for such purposes.

CM To Take Action Against The Garbage Problem In Karachi

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