FIA Sub-Inspector Fixed For Temporary Bail, For Blacklisted US Citizen Case

An interim bail was granted to Raja Asif by the FIA, for a case involving allowing Matthew Barrett, a blacklisted US citizen, who had entered Pakistan.

An FIR was filed against Raja Asif, his son, Constable Ehtesham-Ul-Haq and Matthew Barrett, on August 6th. The complaint was registered for letting a blacklisted foreigner through the immigration process and helping him enter the country.

Raja Asif and his son were on duty at the immigration desk, and an allegation was made they had helped the blacklisted US citizen, get through the immigration without being checked on.

Raja Asif’s lawyer, Raja Muhammad Nazeer, presented the alleged’s bail plea, saying that he is a law following citizen and helping a blacklisted foreigner, is something he can never even imagine to do.

It is the duty of the immigration officers to make sure everyone passing through the immigration desk gets their visa checked for confirmation. In Barrett’s situation, he surely had his visa that was approved by the Pakistani Embassy in the US and upon being searched through the systems at the airport by entering his details, even the system cleared Barrett’s name; which was later on considered as a mistake made by the machine.

According to Raja Asif’s lawyer, the allegations made about his client Raja Asif and his son Constable Ehsteshamul Haq are false, and they did not let the blacklisted US citizen in the country, knowing that his entry into their country is prohibited.

When the news about system’s error broke and Barrett’s truth of being a blacklisted US citizen was revealed, the FIA team started looking for him and apprehended him immediately. The FIA has now obtained a four day physical remand of Matthew Barrett and Constable Ehteshamul Haq.

FIA Sub-Inspector Fixed For Temporary Bail, For Blacklisted US Citizen Case

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