Quetta Explosion Dissent: Lawyers Call For 3-Day Strike

Lawyers across the country stand in solidarity against the attack in Quetta that took place on Monday, and will ostracize all routine activities to protest against the target killing of the Baluchistan Bar Association president advocate, Bilal Anwar Kasi, along with 70 others who were killed in the blast at the Civil Hospital.

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has confessed to the death attack on the Law defending fraternity in Quetta. A suicide attacker made his way through the crowd in the Civil Hospital and detonated the explosive material. The crowd was mostly the lawyers who had gathered together after hearing the news of Kasi’s death, the journalists and a few others.

Never in the history of attacks on the law defenders of Pakistan, has SCBA called for a strike. But to stand in solidarity with the victims of yesterday’s blast and to protest against such a brutal hustle, SCBA believed it was necessary to call for a strike and avoid all the law practicing activities for the coming three days, as this particular act pulled off by the Taliban is a direct hit on the country’s justice system.

Expressing castigate for the attack, Dr. Naseem made a statement saying that the government has failed to provide safety and protection to its citizens; also, the PBC representative has requested the provincial government in Baluchistan to make sure that all the affected ones, be provided with the relief, in the two stages.

The first stage would be where the deceased lawyers’ family would be paid with a compensation of Rs2 million; and Rs1 million for each lawyer, injured in the attack. And, in the second stage, the deceased lawyer’s family will be paid with the compensation of Rs5 million and Rs2.5 million for each injured lawyer.

Quetta Explosion Dissent: Lawyers Call For 3-Day Strike

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