Brain games that will help you life-long in unimaginable ways

Brain games that will help you life-long in unimaginable ways


As you age, your brain inevitably begins to slow down in performance and gradually it becomes harder to remember.

Staying mentally active and playing brain games can help improve your memory, improve recall, and even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease as well as other forms of dementias’. For youth and seniors alike, if you are already experiencing memory loss, playing some brain games for memory improvement can not only slow your cognitive impairment further, but it can also be fun!

Games that make you think, strategize, and remember information are all games that will help train your mind. In fact, many of these basic characteristics are what you find in many of the games you already play.

What are Brain games?

Brain games are simply fun activities and challenges that jog your mind. They make you think hard, strategize, plan, and remember information that will help you defeat opponents.

Mind games are usually simple in design but have a big impact. Think of your brain like your abs. If you work out your abs you are going to develop strong abs. However, if you do not work out your abs they will lose their definition and strength. Mind games are built to work your brain to keep it sharp and alert.

• One great example of a mind game is chess. Chess is a game full of strategy. You cannot simply move a piece and hope to win. Instead, you have to plan ahead, outwit your opponent, and only then can you win. Regularly playing chess sharpens your strategic thinking and will keep your mind strong to a certain extent.
• Card games- Card games are among the best and easiest way to keep your mind active. By memorizing the patterns and strategies of each game, you get to help your brain’s memory stay in top shape.
• Board games- Games such as chess, draft and scrabble are perfect for you to improve your strategic thinking. Regularly engaging in each of them will enhance your thinking by far.
• Puzzle games- Games such as Sudoku that require you to solve puzzles also help jog your mind to think hard and get solutions for the set challenges.
• Computer games- There is a wide range of computer games today that you can engage in. Call your kids or grandkids and challenge them to a game, they may win but your mind will have been worked up in a good way.
• A more popular example today would be Sudoku. This game requires you insert numbers ranging from 1-9 into squares until you have created a square and a line that has each number from 1-9. There is much thought that you have to put into this game and it is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

Benefits of Brain games for you

Think of your brain cells as spark plugs in a car. If spark plugs are left to get old, rusty and gunky, the car starts backfiring, takes long to start, and just declines in performance. If your brain cells are not frequently stimulated to act, perform, reason, and try to solve some challenges, they get reluctant in their functionality.

Thinking, strategizing, and remembering information are just a few things that you will do in games to build your mind. Keep your mind sharp and strong throughout your life by remembering the benefits of playing mind games.

Brain games help you in the following ways:
• Improve your memory
• Enhance your reaction time
• Enable faster thinking
• Improve your cognitive abilities
• Increase your concentration level
• Have a better understanding of things
• Learn to strategize, plan and do your things independently

Brain games may be simple in design, but their impact on your mind is massive and several studies have proven this right. Simply by engaging in certain games, you can be able to avoid degeneration and memory loss by continually working your brain to keep it sharp.

Plus, the best part about brain games is that they help you to stay socially connected with friends, relatives, and colleagues at the independent senior facility.

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