Businesses expand as fan-manufacturing increases in Pakistan

Businesses expand as fan-manufacturing increases in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Production of electric fans in Pakistan has relatively increased by 14.91% during first seven months (July-Jan) of the fiscal year 2017-18, as compared to previous years.

Almost 1,328,609 units of electric fans were produced against the manufacturing of 1,156,203 units during same period of previous year, according to updated data revealed by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

On yearly basis, the production of electric fans also increased to 166,967 units in January 2018 from 161,600 units in same period of the year 2017, showing an increase of almost 3.32%.

In the meantime, however, the country exported nearly 692,000 units of electric fans during July-February 2017-2018 against export of 769,000 units during same period of last year showing a marked decline of 10%.
In terms of value the export of electric fans, witnessed an insignificant increase of 0.97% as the value increased from $14.637 million in July-Feb 2016-2017 to $14.78 million in Jul-Feb 2017-2018.

On yearly basis the export of fans took an upsurge by 4.13% as during February 2018, 106,000 fans worth of $2.6 million were exported against 130,000 electric fans valuing $2.496 million.

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