California leads multiple lawsuit against Trump for separation of families

California leads multiple lawsuit against Trump for separation of families


According to prosecutor Xavier Bercerra, what happened to children on the border with Mexico violates fundamental rights established in the Constitution.

USA Aufnahmelager für illegale Einwanderer (picture-alliance / AP Photo / US Customs and Border Protection)

The controversial measure of zero tolerance applied in the United States to asylum seekers has a new consequence in President Donald Trump. It is a class action lawsuit led by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who announced that he has joined a coalition of ten states to sue the government for the “cruel and unlawful” policy of separating immigrant families in the border with Mexico.

Donald Trump’s rectification of his vile policy of separating immigrant children from their parents is a small victory for basic human rights. But it also reveals a chilling truth. (06.21.2018)

In Central America, “people will continue to flee”

“Children must be with their families, not alone and terrified in metal cages, we present this demand because separating children from their parents is against the law, it is wrong and it is cruel,” said Becerra. The lawsuit alleges that the laws applied by the Trump government violate fundamental rights that go against the provisions of the Constitution. In addition, they will request that the Government immediately create a process to reunite the separated families.

USA Xavier Becerra (Getty Images / D. Angerer)Xavier Becerra, Attorney General of California.

Trump said on Wednesday he will ask his government to act to reunify immigrant families that have been separated since last April, a situation that affects more than 2,300 children. Previously issued a decree that ended the separation of immigrant children from their parents on the border with Mexico, but did not resolve the situation of children who have already been removed from their parents.

New stumble of immigration law in Congress

The vote on a hard-line law on the issue of immigrants failed in the House of Representatives. The law – which would have restricted illegal migration and made it extremely difficult for future naturalization of immigrants who arrived as children to the country – was rejected by 231 members of the House, compared to 193 who voted in favor.

Faced with the situation, Trump called on the Democrats to cooperate: “We should be in a position to make a law.” The president realized that it would not be possible to approve a new immigration law due to the lack of a majority.

It is speculated that during these days the more moderate wing of the Republicans will present a new, more flexible bill that awaits against the Democratic votes required to be approved.

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