Canada: how the Toronto “hero” police managed to stop without killing the man who killed 10 people in a massive hit

Canada: how the Toronto “hero” police managed to stop without killing the man who killed 10 people in a massive hit


His action or, better said, his contention in acting has earned him the status of “hero”.

The Canadian press has dubbed him “the policeman who did not shoot.”

His name has not been made public, but the agent who on Monday faced Alek Minassian, the alleged responsible for a massive hit on Monday in Toronto that caused 10 deaths and 15 wounded, has become the man of the moment in that country.

Minassian, who on Tuesday was charged with intentional homicide, drove a van on a sidewalk full of passers-by on a route of about 1.6 kilometers, leading many people ahead.

When the vehicle finally stopped, he got off and confronted the authorities.

Then, an unusual scene occurred in this type of events.

“Shoot me”

As can be seen in videos recorded by witnesses to the incident, when Minassian descended from the vehicle he did so with a defiant attitude.

The moment in which they arrest the suspect of the hit in Toronto

Looking at a policeman who had arrived at the scene with his patrol car, he pointed it out repeatedly with a black object that he had in his hands, like someone who pulls out a gun to shoot.

The agent got out of his car, while Minassian maintained the same attitude and, according to the testimonies gathered by the local press, he shouted to the official: ” Shoot me, kill me, I have a gun in my pocket “.

“I do not care,” replied the policeman, who pointed his gun at him and told him to get down on the floor.

A group of policemen are looking for videotapes in the street where the hit occurred.
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Image caption A group of policemen are looking for evidence in the street where the vehicle was hit.

They both repeated the same phrases until the policeman approached the man slowly and, instead of shooting him, he put away his pistol, took out his truncheon and told him to go down to the floor.

Then, Minassian threw down the object in his hands and submitted to the instructions of the official, who immediately handcuffed him and stopped him without firing a single shot.

” No one would have blamed the police for leaving him (dead) where he was , considering the horror of what had just happened and the potential threat that persisted … In many places, the man would surely have been met with a storm of bullets,” he wrote. about the incident the columnist Marcus Gee in the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail .

“The threat ended without another unnecessary death, thanks to the professionalism of this agent, the police can now interrogate the suspect about his motives and perhaps determine if it was an act of political terrorism,” he added.


Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said the successful arrest was directly related to the “high caliber training” to which the officers are subjected.

Alek Minnasian
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Image caption Alek Minassian was charged for the death of 10 people.

“Officials are trained to use the least possible force in any situation,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, praised the police action and indicated that the agents “faced the danger without a moment of doubt” .

For his part, the president of the Toronto Police Association, Mike McCormack, said he had spoken to the agent, whose performance he praised, and said that he is a humble and calm man who is shocked not by arrest but by for the massacre that occurred before .

McCormack said it would have been justified for any agent to shoot in those circumstances. “But this official saw what was happening and concluded that he could solve it the way he did, people are right: this man is a hero,” he concluded.

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