‘Capital Much Safer Than Washington DC’


ISLAMABAD: A senior cop of the Islamabad Police on Saturday claimed that crime rate in the federal capital was far lower when compared to some other capitals around the world, particularly when compared to a place such as Washington DC in the United States of America.

SSP-Operations Sajid Kiani, who is also the operational head of the police in the capital, said that despite the fact that the force has meagre resources and strength far fewer than approved, they had managed to keep the city relatively secure.

Comparing the crime rate of Islamabad with that of Washington DC, SSP Kiani said the situation in the federal capital was much better.

 “Washington DC, the capital of the world’s superpower, is a far smaller city as compared to Islamabad with a population of just 672,000 against over 2 million for Islamabad,” he said at a news briefing at the police office on Saturday.

“They [Washington DC] have a police strength of 4,200 while we [Islamabad Police] only have 3,200 in the operations division,” he said, adding, “[Despite all this] 2,400 vehicles were stolen in DC in 2016 while around 250 [were stolen] in Islamabad.”

“Entire Washington DC has security cameras and their police force is also certainly more efficient and better than ours, [but despite this] they registered over 10,000 incidents of theft from vehicles in 2016 while we had only around 10-20,” the SSP said as he urged the media to give the police credit where it was due.

Kiani had called the press to showcase police performance and the stolen vehicles and goods which they had recovered. A large cache of unlicenced weapons confiscated during city-wide search operations under Operation Raddul-Fassad during the first four months of 2017 were also displayed.

Courtesy: Express Tribune

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