Caretaker Sindh formulates guidelines and code of conduct for the upcoming elections of 2018

Caretaker Sindh formulates guidelines and code of conduct for the upcoming elections of 2018


KARACHI: On Tuesday, the interim Sindh home ministry issued code of conduct and guidelines for the forthcoming polls scheduled on July 25.

The interim government said that no party would be allowed to use state’s property for political canvassing.

In the directives, it is said that the interim government would not allow hate speech in public rallies, nor would permit anyone to instigate violence during the election campaign. “Zero-tolerance policy will be followed in this regard, and strict legal action will be taken in case of violation,” said the directives.

The parties are directed to take prior NOC from district’s SSP for its corner meeting or small public rallies.

“For big public rallies the permission should also be sought from the Deputy Commissioner three days before its schedule,” it said.

Similarly, the interim government has stated that political parties are solely responsible for the security of their leadership, and a special committee would be constituted for the leaders who are facing death threats.

Therefore, the home ministry allowed political leaders to have private security guards for their security; however, their weapons must be registered at the concerned police station and SSP of the district.

It is mandatory on the political parties to submit video recording of their corner meetings to the concerned police station.

The parties have to inform about the time and route of their rally in order to ensure smooth vehicular traffic flow.


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