Case registered against former envoy Husain Haqqani: sources

Case registered against former envoy Husain Haqqani: sources


ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency registered a case against former ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani, sources said on Monday.

The case was registered in the Anti-corruption circle by the FIA in relation to the Memogate scandal, sources revealed.

According to sources, Husain is accused of embezzlement in the secret fund worth $7.2 million.

The FIA asked the Foreign Ministry for details on the Pakistani embassy to investigate the matter further, sources added.

In a statement, Haqqani denied the charges which he claimed had been “manufactured” by “FIA and hidden hands” wishing to force his return to Pakistan.

“False charges have been filed in Pakistan against me 6 years after my resignation. These charges have been manufactured after Interpol turned down an earlier request by FIA, under instructions from Supreme Court, for a red corner notice against me for refusing to return to a country where I feel my life is under threat. Their purpose is just to meet Interpol’s criteria for warrants because Interpol does not get involved in political cases,” he said.

In February, the Supreme Court issued arrest warrants for the production of former ambassador of Pakistan to the US in relation to the Memogate scandal.

In the hearing, the apex court had directed secretaries of the interior and foreign ministers, as well as the FIA chief, to furnish a report on Haqqani’s return in one week.

Responding to reports of the warrants, Haqqani stated on Twitter that it was “sad that highest court of Pakistan persists with such antics for local TV news coverage. Such political ‘warrants’ have not been honored abroad in the past, won’t work now”.

The Memogate scandal erupted in 2011 when Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz claimed to have received an ‘anti-army’ memo from Haqqani, the then-Pakistan envoy in Washington DC, for US joint chiefs chairman Admiral Mike Mullen.

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