Children rescued from Thailand are in good health

Children rescued from Thailand are in good health


The eight children rescued so far after spending two weeks trapped in a Thai cave are in good health, said the Ministry of Health of Thailand.

Thailand Rettungsaktion Tham Luang Höhle (Reuters / A. Perawongmetha)

The health authorities of Thailand confirmed today (10.07.2018) that the eight children rescued so far after spending more than two weeks trapped in a cave in the north of the country “recover” and do not suffer serious problems.

The doctors have analyzed the blood and lungs of minors, in addition to providing intravenous serum to improve their defenses and inject them with several vaccines, said Secretary of Public Health Jetsada Chokedamrongsuk at a press conference.

“Signs of infection”

However, Thongchai Lertwilairatanapong, inspector general of the Ministry of Public Health, said preliminary blood tests indicated that “all children showed signs of infection.” The group would be kept under observation in the hospital for a week.

After the rescue of the children, four on Sunday and another four on Monday, they were transferred to assess their health status at the hospital in Chiang Rai, capital of the homonymous province and where the grotto is located.

Principle of pneumonia and signs of hypothermia

Two of the children who were rescued on Sunday show slight irregularities in their breathing, so the doctors suspect they may suffer from a pneumonia. The first four arrived with signs of hypothermia, due to the harsh conditions faced in the grotto and during the diving stage they had to overcome to go outside. Another one has a small cut on the right leg.

The rescued boys have not yet been able to have direct contact with their relatives, who have had to see them through a glass to prevent them from being infected by any disease due to the weak immune system of the rescued.

“We miss our house” and “we are happy”, are some of the first words that schoolchildren, between 12 and 14 years old, said when they arrived at the health center.

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