China reacts against tariffs imposed by the US

China reacts against tariffs imposed by the US


Beijing had already warned its partner of the economic measure, in addition to requesting not to start a trade war.

China announced the imposition of trade tariffs on a set of 128 US products, in response to tariffs that Washington announced last month on imports of Chinese steel and aluminum that are charged with over 25 percent steel imports and 15 percent. percent the aluminum ones.


Fruits and other related goods, will have a tariff of 15 percent, while pork products will have a tariff of 25 percent, as detailed by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. The measure, which comes into force since it was announced in an official statement, which also asked the United States to reverse its measures against Chinese steel and aluminum, which according to Beijing violate the rules of the World Trade Organization and return bilateral exchanges on the path of normality.

China had already announced on March 23 that it would impose these new tariffs if the United States went ahead with its plans to tax the Asian giant’s imports. Beijing always insisted that it wanted to avoid a trade war and warned the White House not to open “a Pandora’s box”.

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