Cure for bicarbonate, sharks do not suffer from cancer … 7 myths about cancer that you thought were true

Cure for bicarbonate, sharks do not suffer from cancer … 7 myths about cancer that you thought were true


False news has also reached the field of health. Cancer patients go online to learn about symptoms and, sometimes, cures. Therefore, an NGO in the United Kingdom has hired a nurse who is responsible for denying the myths about this disease.

40% of people diagnosed with cancer go online to find more information, according to data from the NGO to help fight cancer Macmillan.

That’s why the foundation hired a digital nurse who can disprove the ” false news ” that makes patients “afraid and venture to seek false cures .”

According to data from the same organization, 12 5% of patients who went to the internet to seek information do so because they leave the doctor’s office full of doubts .

Nurse Ellen McPake, hired by MacMillan to put an end to the myths, says: “When the doctor says ‘cancer’ people are blocked, then they come home, talk to the family and at night they sit in front of the computer. search for an endless amount of information online “.

“They always put themselves in the worst scenario, ” he says.

McPake will help us eliminate some myths that promise to cure or help relieve the symptoms of this disease.

Here you have 7, some really unlikely.

1. The cure of bicarbonate

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Image captionSome people get to inject bicarbonate believing that it can cure the disease.

“Some believe that drinking sodium bicarbonate or even taking it intravenouslycan cure cancer.”

McPake’s experience is that he has heard people who tried it because they consider him less aggressive than chemotherapy or radiation therapy .

“For some it can be very dangerous, it affects their kidneys and it can make them sick.”

2. Sugar causes cancer

Some patients mistakenly believe that sugar is responsible for cancer.

The nurse remembers that obesity has been related to the disease but the consumption of sugar by itself does not increase the risk .

This is also supported by the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States.

“Sugar does not make cancer go faster, and all cells, including cancer cells, depend on blood sugar for energy, but that does not mean that taking more sugar causes cancer cells to grow faster,” he says. center.

McPake says that working for MacMillan has seen how many patients have tried to eliminate sugar from their diet because of these false beliefs.

3. Vitamin C cures cancer

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Image captionOne of the myths also talks about the healing properties of vitamin C.

“Once a couple called me saying that they had paid a fortune to a clinic that treated them with vitamin C because they had been told that it cured the cancer.”

Only the trips abroad had made them end the savings of a lifetime and had not reported any kind of improvement.

“The man was so angry thinking that he could have used all that money to have a better quality of life,” recalls the utility.

4. It only affects older people

There is also a myth that older people are the only ones that get cancer “just because it’s more common as you get older.”

“The reason is because as you get older the cells suffer more damage and that can lead to cancer,” says the health professional.

However, in recent decades there has been a greater increase in young people affected by cancer.

5. Sharks do not have cancer

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Image captionThe myth of sharks dates back to 1970.

In her years of experience, the nurse says that people believe that sharks do not suffer from this disease and therefore their cartilage could be used to fight it.

The myth goes back to 1970 when Florida researchers exposed a group of sharks to a high level of a carcinogen and then found no evidence of tumors.

However, several studies have failed to prove that shark cartilage works as a treatment.

In addition, in 2010 there was a female shark that lived in the Indianapolis Zoo and was diagnosed with melanoma .

6. Coffee enemas cure

They were very popular for a while. Many web pages advertised and promised that they could protect the intestine and thus cure cancer McPake account.

“But the risks of doing a coffee enema can be many,” he warns.

According to the Cancer Reasearch UK association , coffee enemas are related to serious infections, dehydration, inflammation of the colon and dangerous electrolyte imbalances or even death.

The professional says that the myth led many people to make great trips to be treated in clinics “where they were charged a lot of money.”

7. It is a modern disease

“There is this belief that it is a recent disease, almost created by man,” says McPake, who claims that vestiges of the disease were found even in Egyptian mummies .

One of them, 2,250 years old, was found to have prostate cancer.

An aggressive type of cancer was also found in the big toe of 7 million years ago found in South Africa.

Photo of EllenCopyright of theMACMILLANimage
Image captionEllen McPake is responsible for belie online for Macmillan foundation myths about cancer.

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