“Cuter than all the other girls”: Ilay Dyagilev, the man who reached the final of a women’s beauty contest

“Cuter than all the other girls”: Ilay Dyagilev, the man who reached the final of a women’s beauty contest


A male model from Kazakhstan managed to reach the final of a women’s beauty contest held over the internet.

Ilay Dyagilev, 22, enrolled in Virtual Miss Kazakhstan with the name of Arina Aliyeva and eventually won more than 2,000 votes.

This led her to be crowned as the virtual queen of Shymkent, the capital of the South Kazakhstan region, in addition to getting a ticket to the national final.

But the organizers of the contest proceeded to disqualify her “for having provided false information about her person”.

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Dyagilev confessed that she was not a woman two days after reaching the final and explained that the character of Arina Aliyeva was “a project of my team” .

“Many women think that appearance is the most important thing and argue that looking beautiful is hard work,” Dyagilev explained.

“But I told my friends that even a man could pose as a beautiful woman .”

The young man, who has been linked to the world of fashion since he was 17, says he can transform easily.

“I only invited a photographer, a hairdresser and a make-up artist and the image of Arina was ready,” the model said. “But I was surprised when I got to the final .”

The instagram post of Miss Kazakhstan Virtual in which Arina Aliyeva appears already has more than 2,000 “likes”.

And many have reacted positively to the situation by assuring that Dyagilev is different from the “current contestants” and “cuter than all the other girls” .

Not all reactions, however, have been positive.

As one commentator remarked: “This is another opportunity for those who like to show their outrage at this type of situation and say things like ‘ You have shamed the country , we are not like you, I should be ashamed’.”

Another simply described the situation as a “public relations trick”.

For now, the regional title, as well as the finalist place, passed into the hands of Aikerim Temirkhanova , who had come in second place with 1,975 votes.

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