Daesh suspect asserted terrorist group operates Telegram and WhatsApp

Daesh suspect asserted terrorist group operates Telegram and WhatsApp


KARACHI: Daesh purportedly uses a communication group on cloud-based texting app Telegram, claimed Shaikh Muhammad Imran alias Saiful Islam Khilafati, an arrested militant, according to officials.

Khilafati, who was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) a couple of days ago from Karachi, claimed that members of the banned extremist outfit share audio messages with each other across the globe via Telegram.


In order to stay posted about the ongoings globally, Daesh also allegedly operates WhatsApp groups throughout the world, Khilafati claimed.

The chatting group was mysteriously named ‘Kaddu’, officials said quoting Khilafati and added that the administrator of the chatting group is a terrorist himself, namely, “Baba Jani”.

Officials stated that the detained terrorist was also in touch with fellow Daesh extremist Nasim Shah, who was reportedly killed during an encounter in Lahore.

Khilafati affirmed that it was Shah who brainwashed Noreen Leghari, a female terror suspect who was arrested during a police encounter in Lahore in April 2017, last year, and later identified as an MBBS student at the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro.

Leghari had reportedly gone missing from Hyderabad a couple of months prior to her arrest, and as per planned had eloped to Lahore, voluntarily.

Further, as per the officials, Khilafati was specifically trained in the usage of the black net (darknet), proxies, and virtual private networks (VPN) for effective communication amongst them.

Muhammad Mehdi ul Huda, one of his coconspirators, was detained earlier in Multan but was later released owing to the lack of adequate evidence against him.

Huda was allegedly involved in promotional activities for Daesh that included wall-chalking, flag placement, and distribution of booklets.

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