Deadline to submit nomination papers for General elections falls today

Deadline to submit nomination papers for General elections falls today


KARACHI: The deadline to submit the nomination papers for the General Elections 2018 is upon us as the last date set for the process was 11th June, today (Monday).

On June 8th the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) taking into consideration the revised election schedule extended the date to submit nomination papers from June 8  to June 11.

On Friday the electoral body said in a statement that the extension was given for the submission of nomination papers to facilitate the political parties and their nominees.

In addition to the above, the deadline to verify and scrutinize the validity of the nomination papers was changed from June 14 to June 19.

The last day to file appeals against any decision of the returning officers eas extended til June 22.

On June 27 the verdicts on appeals will be announced after which, the revised list of the candidates will be issued on June 28.

Candidates shall be able to withdraw their nominations on June 28th which will be followed by the election commission announcing the final list of the candidates approved to contest in the upcoming general elections.

The electoral symbols will be issued to the candidates on June 30.

Polling for the election will be held on July 25.

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