Dec 4 to bring colder weather to Karachi

Dec 4 to bring colder weather to Karachi


KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department forecast a fresh wave of cold weather in Karachi beginning December 4. The wind direction is likely to shift from north to south, pushing the mercury down several degrees throughout the city.

Speaking to Express News, Pakistan Meteorological Department Regional Director Shahid Abbas said that the effect of the recent rain spell in Balochistan and Sindh has completely died down. The weather remains cool throughout the night but during the day we can see periods of moderately warm temperatures.

According to Abbas, Karachi recorded a minimum temperature of 17° Celsius on Wednesday. Temperature and weather conditions are likely to remain unchanged today (Thursday).

“After December 4, winds are likely to intensify and return, moving in the north-west direction,” the official said.

The humidity factor is also expected to decrease significantly, adding chill to the winds and making the weather moderately cool. According to Abbas, the weather spell will last for between four and five days. Commenting on the overall forecast for December, Abbas said that the weather is likely to remain moderately cool throughout the month and gradually transform into winter season.

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