Did Pakistani ریڈار (Radar) Actually Failed in Osama Bin Laden Abbottabad Raid

Did Pakistani ریڈار (Radar) Actually Failed in Osama Bin Laden Abbottabad Raid


Hunted for eleven years, and feared for many more, Osama Bin Laden, America’s wanted number one was killed this day six years back in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad. While there is a lot to contradict and conflict about the raid, how it unfolded, and whether it was actually Osama who was killed, the social media is currently trending with something more crucial, whether Pakistani radar actually failed the night OBL raid took place. As what is available public, the raid was code named Operation Neptune Spear, and was conducted by the famous SEAL TEAM 6, US Marines celebrated covert team. Over 80 commandos, supported by hundreds of remote specialists and state-of-the-art machinery breached Pakistani borders and hunted Osama in a farm house in outskirts of Abbottabad.

All the three helicopter that breached the international borders that day were Stealth helicopters. A technology Pakistan hadn’t mastered till that time. The helicopters were capable of flying low without being detected and hence could have easily avoided Pakistani radar. It is also worth mentioning that Pakistan and United States were in alliance against Afghan insurgents at that time and hence any such intrusion was less likely in Pakistan’s defence.

If failure is word that is to define what transpired on the night between 1st and 2nd May, then perhaps Oxford needs to re-visit its dictionaries. Failure is, an action or state of not performing. So, did the Pakistani radars not perform? How can something perform when it is not capable of performing? It’s like expecting your Nokia 3310 in delivering you the experience of IPhone 7. No it cannot, it will never. For that you need to buy a high end IPhone. How come we call it a failure when the radars were not capable of detecting stealth commute? You can decided it for yourself. While American citizen may have had their breakfast on the joyous news of getting their enemy number one. There was least to attract the Pakistani commoner. Waking up to the news of the operation and news channels blaring images of the place, the optics were entirely different. If failure is what defines the night, then how come there was a chopper in rubble in Abbottabad. While the United States media states that the chopper developed some technical fault, rumors suggested a Pakistani anti-air actually targeted the descending forces, and hence was successful in hitting one of the helicopters.

What happened in that farm house on the particular night till today remains a mystery. Perhaps it would be in coming years once the government declassifies the information that we will get a sneak into the actual events. For now it is enough to understand that even the men who took part in the operation, conflict each other’s account, mocking the United States.

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