Disappearing World Wonders – Is Our End Near?

Disappearing World Wonders – Is Our End Near?


What if all humans alive today vanished from Earth? Had this happened, the world would have been an alarmingly different place in just a couple of hours. It would have fallen apart and gradually started to decay.

Most of the lights around the world would shut off and this inhabited place would soon be vacant, enveloped in complete darkness – Why?


Because power plants and emergency generators would run out of fuel, and the solar panels would have blanketed in dust.

Within weeks, meltdowns and fires would begin and petrochemical plants could go up in flames, filling up the atmosphere and starting a “mini chemical nuclear winter”

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The only active power plants still running would be hydroelectric stations.

Followed by this, two or three days later, most underground train systems would flood, because the pumps keeping water away would no longer be functional.

Moreover, pipes would burst as they froze in buildings over the next few years, tearing up the buildings open from the inside.

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Ten days later, while most animal population would rebound wildly, pets and farm animals would die of starvation, and former house cats & packs of big dogs would hunt down and outcompete other small predators for survival.


A month later, the cooling water in nuclear power stations would have evaporated in no time, and this would lead to a series of uncalled disasters across the globe, extremer than Fukushima and Chernobyl, but the planet would eventually recover via the radioactive contamination.

A year later, satellites around the Earth will start to fall from their orbit, creating incredibly weird ‘shooting stars’ in the sky.

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25 years later, vegetation will cover the world, and forests are likely to take over the suburbs, with some cities buried in the sand.


Even insects would disappear in cold climates after a month or two.


300 years later, metal buildings, bridges, and towers will start to break apart and wear-out due of corrosion, resulting in the closure of Panama canals, which would adversely affect the food crops yield; reversing them to their wild states. Even cities in river delta would also wash away.

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10,000 years later, the atmospheric CO2 levels surrender to pre-human levels.

The only evidence of our existence is going to be the things we humans have crafted out of stones, such as the pyramids in Egypt, The Great Wall of China, and Mount Rushmore in the US.


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6 billion years from now, the Sun is expected to swell into a red giant, engulfing our home: Earth, during the process.

Wondering if this is the beginning of a new wild world or an end to human world?

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