Donald Trump insists: “In the end Mexico will pay the wall”

Donald Trump insists: “In the end Mexico will pay the wall”


One of the favorite subjects of Donald Trump returned to come to the fore this Tuesday (29.05.2018) during an act of the agent chief executive next to his followers in Nashville (Tennessee). In his speech, the billionaire insisted that Mexico must pay for the construction of the promised border wall, one of the central topics of his presidential campaign and his mandate.

“We are going to achieve the wall in any case, I do not want to cause any problems, but in the end Mexico is going to pay the wall, I just tell them,” the US president said. “They earn all that money and they do absolutely nothing to stop the people that cross Mexico from Honduras and all those countries, the caravan, all that, and they do absolutely nothing, they’re going to pay for the wall and they’re going to enjoy it” he insisted.

In spite of everything, the businessman has not been able to get the US Congress to approve the funds for the wall to be built with federal funds, and now he has retaken the idea that it will be the Mexicans who will finance it. In addition, in his speech Trump attacked the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who said he “loves” the gang members of the MS-13. “She loves MS-13, can you imagine? Remember that I called them animals and she said ‘how dare you say that,'” he argued.

Peña Nieto: “Never”

The response from Mexico was immediate, and the person responsible for making it public was President Enrique Peña Nieto. Through Twitter, Trump’s favorite social network, Peña Nieto wrote in Spanish and English “President @ realDonaldTrump: NO, Mexico will NEVER pay for a wall, not now, not ever.” And as a signature: “Sincerely, Mexico ( all of us)”.

The issue of the construction and payment of the wall was a source of controversy between the two countries, to the point that Peña Nieto canceled a trip to Washington to visit Trump, a date that has not come back to fruition even though the Republican refrained from mentioning that Mexico would pay the costs for some time. It is not the first time that Mexico rejects outright the responsibility of paying for a work promised by the US head of state.

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