Donald Trump suggests arming US teachers to avoid attacks such as shooting at a Florida school

Donald Trump suggests arming US teachers to avoid attacks such as shooting at a Florida school


The arming of teachers is not a new idea and is certainly controversial.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday expressed his support for the possibility of training firearms in some teachers and allowing them to be carried inside schools as a way to deter possible attacks against teachers. schools.

“That’s called concealment, so a teacher would carry a concealed handgun with them, they would go to receive special training and they would be there,” Trump said during a White House meeting with victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Middle School. last in Parkland (Florida) and in which 17 people lost their lives.

“If you had expert masters in firearms they could very well end the attack quickly,” he added.

When launching the idea, Trump asked the attendees to the meeting to say if they agreed with their proposal. There were more rejections than supports.

“Teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now to carry the enormous responsibility of having to use deadly force to end a life,” said Mark Barden, whose son died in 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. in Connecticut.

Trump attended the meeting with Parkland survivors with a list of questions about the experience they had.Copyright of the REUTERS imageImage caption Trump attended the meeting with the survivors of Parkland with a list of questions about the experience they experienced.

The proposal to arm teachers and other school employees has long been endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), considered the most important lobby group in this sector in the United States.

The president explained that this measure would put an end to the limitations that prevent the carrying of weapons within schools, something that – from his point of view – makes them more attractive as the target of the aggressors.

“For a maniac, weapons-free zones mean: let’s go in and attack,” he added.

Trump also promised to toughen the background checks required for the purchase of weapons.

” We are going to make very strong background checks, (to put) a lot of emphasis on the mental health of the people and we are going to do many other things,” he said, announcing that next week he will meet with governors from most of the states. to discuss about every aspect of school safety.

“We are going to take the best ideas, the most important ones … and we are going to execute them, it will not be (only) to speak as it has been in the past,” he said.

“I’m mad”

During the meeting, Trump listened to several of the survivors of the Parkland attack, as well as the relatives of some of the victims.

Andrew Pollack.Copyright of the GETTY IMAGES imageImage caption Andrew Pollack, father of one of Parkland’s victims, said the United States is failing children.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was among the 17 dead at the school located in South Florida, expressed anger at the president.

“We are here because my daughter does not have a voice, she was murdered last week and was taken from us, she received nine shots, we, as a country, failed our children,” he said.

“I’m mad,” he added.

Sam Zeif, an 18-year-old student who survived the Parkland attack, questioned the ease with which the sale of weapons in the United States is allowed.

” I do not understand why I can go to a store and buy a weapon of war, an AR (the type of semiautomatic rifle used by Nikolas Cruz, the attacker of the Parkland school),” he said sobbing after telling how he was sending text messages to his family during the shooting.

Sam Zeif.Copyright of the REUTERS imageImage caption Sam Zeif sobbed how he was texting his family during the shooting.

“Let’s not allow this to happen again, please, please,” he added.

While some survivors of the Parkland massacre flocked to the White House on Wednesday, others moved to Tallahassee – the capital of Florida – to demand state legislators to restrict sales of assault rifles.

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