Drone strike kills two suspected militants along Pak-Afghan border

Drone strike kills two suspected militants along Pak-Afghan border


PESHAWAR: A drone struck on the Pak-Afghan border killing two suspected militants, local and intelligence officials said.

The strike took place pre-dawn on the Kurram Agency border with Afghanistan. However, Pakistani officials said that it was unclear whether the drone had struck in Pakistani territory.

Local sources said there were reports of two deaths and said the area where the incident had taken place was Pesho Ghar.

“We are assessing the situation” an official of the political administration said.

The drone is suspected to have targeted a hideout of militants belonging to the Haqqani Network. The Haqqani Network hideouts have been often targeted in the area.

Earlier last month, two suspected US drone strikes on Tuesday killed 11 people on the mountainous Pakistan-Afghanistan border, following a strike a day earlier that killed 20, government and militant sources said.

The military however later said refuted claims of the drone strike taking place in Pakistani territory.

The attacks came days after a Canadian-American couple held hostage by the Taliban were freed from the area.

In a drone attack, at least five suspected militants were killed in the attack at the house on zero-point near Lower Kurram Agency. One of the dead was identified by local officials as militant commander Sangeen Wali Shah.

The use of US drones has dwindled dramatically in recent years in Pakistan, where the strikes have proven extremely controversial with the public and rights groups.

The first under Trump killed two men riding a motorbike in Kurram in March, while the second one reportedly occurred in late April in North Waziristan.

In a major speech outlining US policy on Afghanistan in August, Trump attacked Pakistan for sheltering “agents of chaos” and suggested ties with Islamabad would be adjusted immediately, but offered few details.

Much of Washington’s anger has been directed at the Haqqani network – based in the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan – which the Pentagon has long accused of having ties to Pakistan.

Islamabad has repeatedly denied claims of being soft on militancy, accusing the US of ignoring the thousands of Pakistanis who have been killed and the billions spent in fighting extremists.

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