Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philips to Retire From Public Life

Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philips to Retire From Public Life


When the Buckingham Palace issued a meeting call late last evening, asking all staff associated with her Majesty across the country to assemble in London, the media became rife with rumors. Though a regular happening, this particular meet was called for at the eleventh hour and hence raised suspicion among subjects of the Queen and the Royal family. Was it health related? Was the Queen well? Was Prince Philips alive? Was the Queen retiring? The Union Jack kept flying high at the top of the Palace, hence the Royals were safe. Anonymous sources also revealed everything was fine and there was nothing of concern.

It turns out everything indeed was fine, and there was only a retiring prince announcement. According to the official press release issued by the Palace, The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philips will be retiring from public duty this autumn. Husband to Queen Elizabeth ll, the Prince is 95 years old and is currently associated with more than 750 institutions in various roles. Mostly as patron.

The Prince who was born in Greek and Danish families married the Queen late in 1947. Educated in Franc, Germany and United Kingdom, Prince Philips served in the Royal Navy, and fought the Second World War. The Prince has four children with the Queen, including the Prince of Wales Charles, who is the heir to the crown.

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