The first working Monday of the year is when most people think about divorce!

The first working Monday of the year is when most people think about divorce!


Are you married or married and this Monday you are thinking about divorce more than usual? Maybe your partner too. It is normal.

The lawyers of the United Kingdom consider this Monday as the “day of divorce”.

The first Monday back to work after the Christmas and New Year holidays typically registers an increase in couples who feel disillusioned with their relationships, according to a study in the United Kingdom.

It is a day in which many couples think about divorce and increase the clientele of lawyers.

The main reason: money matters .

That is the reason that generates the marital breakdown of one in ten married couples, according to a survey.

More than a third of respondents (37%) say that financial pressures are the biggest challenge of their marriages, while almost a quarter (22%) say that heated discussions with their partner are about money.

The survey was conducted by the British law firm Slater and Gordon with a little over 2,000 people.

“Relationships that are already showing cracks are the most likely to break under the additional pressure and costly accounts that accompany Christmas,” explained Lorraine Harvey, family attorney at Slater and Gordon.

These days the bills of credit cards that are added to mortgage or lease payments, bills for services and other expenses for transportation and school supplies for children begin to arrive .

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If you add to this the emotional hangover of facing the routine after long and exhausting days of festivity, it is not surprising that the door is open to the altercations and dislikes of a couple who sow the seed of discord.

The most recent figures from the National Bureau of Statistics in the United Kingdom reveal that almost 107,000 heterosexual couples divorced in 2016. An increase of 5.8% compared to 2015.

It is a rate of 1.9 per 1,000 inhabitants, more or less common for European countries, according to a survey commissioned in 2017 by the British newspaper The Telegraph.

In comparison, in the United States it is 3.6 per 1,000, in Cuba (the highest rate in Latin America) it is 2.9, followed by that of Costa Rica 2.5 per 1,000 .

The formal legal process for divorce in many countries is relatively simple.

However, issues such as financial agreements and custody of children can complicate the situation. So it’s not surprising that many couples look for lawyers to navigate what can be a turbulent exit from a marriage.

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In addition to the emotional charge, the costs of a divorce can be enormous .

Depending on the financial complexities of the couple, how much money is involved in the separation of assets, the divorce process can cost a lot of money in terms of hiring lawyers.

So it is important to investigate what options exist when contemplating a divorce at this time.

It is possible to end the process with little or no assistance from a lawyer, if the couple agrees to the separation and their finances can be easily solved.

Several countries have the so-called fast or express divorce, and the couple can terminate the marriage contract by paying a low rate.

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Image caption When you can not reach an agreement, the divorce process is extended and that costs couples.


But in most cases, when the finances are not so simple, it will have to be determined after a struggle by lawyers or in a court that fails with respect to the maintenance pension and the division of property and assets.

The longer the process is delayed, the more it will cost the couple in legal costs.

The divorce lawyer Toby Hales, of the British firm Seddon’s, points out that the disagreements between the couple prolong the conclusion of a financial agreement .

“They will find the courts occupied, which causes more anxiety and wear to their finances,” he said.

On average, resolving all matters of a divorce takes one year but, in almost a quarter of the cases, lasted a year and a half, according to a Seddon’s investigation.

So if you are contemplating doing divorce inquiries today, the dissolution agreement may not be ready before next Christmas.

Even then, as all divorcees know, that is not the end of things.

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