Didn’t marry my wife to ‘break stereotypes’: Vlogger Mooro

Didn’t marry my wife to ‘break stereotypes’: Vlogger Mooro


There’s a certain stereotypical practice attached to how a bride should look on her big day. A heavily embellished red dress, substantial amount of jewellery, and a face full of makeup are apparently now the basic requirements for a girl to look ‘just right’ for her shaadi.

When pictures of YouTuber, Taimoor Salahuddin – aka – Mooro’s wedding were released, there was one particular feature of his wife, Iraj, which caught everyone’s attention.

She WAS clad in a gorgeous red lehenga and a substantial amount of jewellery but her ‘dark’ complexion was most noticed. That prompted some comments, lauding the YouTuber, for ‘breaking stereotypes’ of marrying a ‘gori dulhan‘.

A Facebook post with the picture of the newlyweds was captioned, “He broke the stereotypes of ‘gori dulhan‘. He fought for her, listened to a lot of bad comments about her and still he treated her like a princess. You’re an inspiration for all women. Pakistan needs more of ‘your mentality’ to break this stereotype.”

Umm, what now?

To this, Mooro responded, “In regards to this post. People do not get married for humanitarian reasons or to break stereotypes or for making social statements. They marry because they love each other. The lucky one is me for meeting someone so talented, beautiful and intelligent.”

But another user pointed out, “They all noticed that Mooro married a girl (with dark skin tone) whom he loved a lot, but nobody noticed Iraj didn’t hide her dark tone with tonnes of makeup because she is confident enough to show the world that every colour is beautiful and it’s about the soul not the appearance.”

And we are here for it!

Previously, comedian Zaid Ali’s wife, Yumnah was trolled for her looks. And yep, it is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Looks like we’re still a few years away from accepting people as they are.

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