Erdogan wins presidential elections in Turkey

Erdogan wins presidential elections in Turkey


Erdogan had already claimed victory hours before the official result was released. “The people entrusted me with the presidency and the government,” he said, adding: “The message is clear.”

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is the winner of the presidential elections held today (24.06.2018) in that country, announced the Supreme Electoral Council based on the count of 97.7 percent of the vote, according to the official agency of news Anadolu.

“The results indicate that Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan obtained an absolute majority of the valid suffrages,” said the head of the Council, Sadi Güven, quoted by Anadolu. When reporting on this triumph in the first round, Güven clarified that “the number of votes that have not yet been admitted to the system will not influence the result.”

The politician has revalidated his term with 52.5% of the support, very close to the percentage he obtained in 2014 when he took office, the semi-public agency Anadolu reported after the scrutiny of 99 percent of the votes.

“We have the unofficial results, according to them, the nation has given me the mandate of president and of being the chief executive,” Erdogan said in a speech broadcast live on NTV.

The main contender of the president in these elections was the renovator Muharrem Ince, a telegenic and funny speaker, who had managed to steal many times during the election campaign.

Head of State and Government 

From now on, Erdogan will not only be the head of the State, but also that of the Government, since with these elections the 2017 constitutional reform enters into force, with which the figure of the prime minister has been abolished.

It has practically all the powers in the Republic, since it has, in addition, the power to appoint a large part of the leadership of the Judiciary and can even enact laws by decree, although Parliament has the possibility of nullifying them.

The mandate is five years, as well as the 600 deputies who were also elected this Sunday, in the same polls.

The spokesman of the AKP, Mahir Ünal, emphasized that the participation in the ballot boxes has been of 87%, a record level, although in the last decade it had never lowered of the 80 percent.

The partial results of the parliamentary elections, which have been held simultaneously with the presidential elections, also give a clear advantage to the coalition formed by the AKP and the Nationalist Action Movement (MHP).

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