EU sets positions to advance “Brexit” negotiations

EU sets positions to advance “Brexit” negotiations


In just half an hour the delegates of the 27 countries of the Union approved the agreement. London said the proposal is “aligned” with its plans.

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The General Affairs Council of the European Union approved on Monday (29.01.2018) the guidelines that will govern its position on the steps to be taken to complete the “Brexit.” According to this agreement, the 27 offer the British a period of transition after divorce until the end of 2020. During that time, London must comply with EU rules and continue making financial contributions, but will no longer participate in EU bodies.

“The ministers of the European Union have given a clear mandate to the Commission on what kind of transition period we foresee: the EU acquis will be fully applied to the United Kingdom and without participation (of this country) in the institutions and decision-making processes of the EU. the EU, “the institution representing the member states said in a statement. The guidelines were approved in barely half an hour, after having been previously agreed upon by the Heads of State and Government at a summit on December 15.

In this way, the members of the EU give the green light for the chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to start talks with his British counterpart, David Davis, about the transitory period and to set the guidelines to follow in them. The 27 advocate that the transitional period last until December 31, 2020, that is, about three months less than the two years claimed by the British Government.

Tranquility in London

The British government proposed a period of 24 months after the “brexit” in which the situation would hardly change for citizens and companies.This time would be used to regulate the future relations of London with Brussels.This same Monday, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister Theresa May commented on the satisfaction of London with the decision adopted by the EU, as it is “well aligned” with the plans of the United Kingdom.

“We are pleased that the European Union has agreed on its position, which is clearly aligned with the proposal made by the Prime Minister in her speech in Florence (in September 2017),” said the spokesperson. The same source warned, however, that there will be “some distance” in the “details” of the “initial positions” of London and Brussels regarding the implementation period of the “Brexit”.

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