Faisal Vawda, Imran Ismail Evade Attack In Karachi

Faisal Vawda, Imran Ismail Evade Attack In Karachi


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf leaders, Faisal Vawda and Imran Ismail escape attack in Karachi, as unknown men opened fire on them, near Delhi colony.

According to media sources, Vawda and Ismail, both leaders belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI), were attacked by unknown men, near Delhi Colony area, however, the leaders remained unharmed as the vehicle they were in at the time of attack was bullet proof. It is reported that both PTI leaders were returning from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) office when their car was fired at.

Six 9MM Pistol’s Empty Shells Recovered From The Site

Following the attack, while speaking to the media, Imran Ismael said that the assailants were on two motorcycles and they opened fire on Faisal Vawda’s car from both sides of the vehicle, total number of bullets that were fired was 6.


The site where the attack took place – six empty shells of the 9MM pistol were recovered, where the police immediately reached and started off the investigation.

IG Sindh Orders to Apprehend the Suspects Immediately

For the time being, IG Sindh AD Khwaja asked for an inquiry report to be immediately submitted regarding the alleged target killing attack. In accordance with a statement, the Sindh Police chief had ordered the authorities to start off investigating for the matter, so that the unknown men who fired at the PTI leaders, could be arrested.

The attack on Faisal Vawda can be termed as a possible retaliation, as yesterday, Thursday August 25th, during his media talk, Vawda had urged the forces to take serious action against the MQM, as Altaf Hussain’s speech on Monday was immensely damaging.

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