Feroze Khan entertains public with sarcastic replies to his haters on social media

Feroze Khan entertains public with sarcastic replies to his haters on social media


The heartthrob of Pakistan, Feroze Khan who is currently seen portraying ‘Mir Hadi’ in the hit show ‘Khaani’ is hijacking hearts of his fans worldwide!

The actor’s various acting trysts has secured him many accolades and acclaims not just from his fans but from industry critics and many other Pakistani stars as well.

However, even the most successful stars have haters! But Feroze has proven that he doesn’t let abhorrence affect him.

The actor posted a throwback picture of himself chilling on the sets of the show with Mehmood Aslam who plays the character of ‘Mir Shah’

The response he got was overwhelming!

His fans couldn’t stop extolling the actor for his skills and the story of the drama. Many expressed their heartbreak over the mournful ending of the show.

However, a few followers were seen bashing not just the show ‘Khaani’ but the actor as well.


But Feroze being Feroze, didn’t lose his cool, instead used humor to diffuse any negativity.

Apparently, a hater tried to troll Feroze that the drama is now a major bore!



Hitting back at the keyboard warrior, the charismatic actor’s cool reply silenced all!

Not only is Feroze an amazing actor but by replying calmly to the haters, he has definitely proved that he is an awesome human being as well!

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