Five bombs found near Mehran university defused in Jamshoro


A Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) on Wednesday morning defused five bombs found near the entrance of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) in Jamshoro.

At 8:00 am, the squad had rushed to defuse the bombs ─ found on the road side ─ after receiving information about them via a telephone call, squad officials said.

Officials added that the bombs were first noticed at 7:30am ─ an hour of heavy traffic as university buses do their morning pick-and-drop rounds.

According to the officials, the bombs were placed on a road which leads to Indus Highway. An office of National Highway Authority and Motorway Police is located near the area where the bombs were found.

BDS officials further said that the “locally made bombs” had been handed over to Jamshoro police station.

“The overall weight of the bombs was around 25 kilogram”, Ramzan Panhwar, a member of the squad, said. He added that the bombs were developed so that they could be fitted with a remote-controlled device

Panhwar said that the five bombs, which had been wielded together, contained ball bearing, nuts and bolts

“Five pencil cells were also found and an orange fuse was there too”, he said.

The vice chancellor at Mehran University, Prof Dr Aslam Uqaili, said that the unknown suspects ahd been unable to plant the bombs within the university’s premises due to internal security measures.

“We have built a wall around the campus. A portion of the wall remains incomplete, but it will be finished soon”, he said.

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