Four NAB Officials To Be Denotified On Supreme Court Orders


The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the denotification of four officials of the National Accountability Bureau whose initial appointment could not be justified by their qualifications.

The four officials against whom the orders were issued include NAB Lahore Director General (DG) Bhurhan Ali, NAB Quetta DG Tariq Mehmood and NAB Karachi DG Shab­bir Ahmed. All three are retired Army personnel.

A denotification order was issued for NAB’s DG of Awareness and Prevention Aliya Rashid, who was appointed on the recommendation of then prime minister Mir Zafar­ullah Jamali “in recognition of her services in the field of sports”.

During the hearing, the apex court said those denotified will remain “eligible for pension and all perks and privileges,” in contrast to its repeated warnings in the preceding two hearings that it might withdraw all benefits from the individuals who refused to take its early retirement deal.

Credit: Dawn

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