Four people injured after an explosion in the bus terminal of the Port Authority in Manhattan, New York, the largest in the United States

Four people injured after an explosion in the bus terminal of the Port Authority in Manhattan, New York, the largest in the United States


New York police are investigating an explosion at a bus terminal in Manhattan on Monday morning that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio called an “attempted terrorist attack.”

uatro people were injured as a result of the blast, although none of them life threatening.

Also injured is the alleged attacker who was identified as Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old from Bangladesh who had been in the United States for several years.

According to the authorities, the detonation was caused by an “explosive device of low technology” that Ullah had attached to his body and that was activated intentionally.

The police indicated that Ullah had several injuries on his body and that he was taken to a hospital.

An image circulating on social networks shows a man, who is said to be the suspect in the attack, lying on the floor with his clothes torn and lacerations on the upper part of his body.

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What do we know about the alleged perpetrator of the attack?

The alleged perpetrator of the attack, Akayed UllahCopyright of theCBSimage
Image captionThe alleged perpetrator of the attack, Akayed Ullah.
  • Akayed Ullah, 27, arrived in the United States in 2011 with his family from Chittagong (Bangladesh) on an immigrant visa, according to CBS. He became a permanent resident of the United States. and I lived in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Ullah entered the United States thanks to a policy that allows migration by attending to family ties in the country. Donald Trump wants to end this policy, and according to White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, the president’s plan “would have prevented this individual from reaching the US.”
  • The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said he was not part of a “sophisticated network,” but appeared to have been “influenced” by Islamic State or other extremist groups. Speaking to CNN, Cuomo said the alleged author learned to make the bomb with information found on the internet.
  • He had no criminal record in Bangladesh, which he visited for the last time on September 8, according to police in his country.
  • The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission told CNN that Ullah had a driver’s license from March 2012 through March 2015, even though he did not drive yellow taxis in the city or for other services like Uber.
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The event caused a stampede of people in the middle of the rush hour.

The incident occurred at around 7:20 in the morning (local time) at the Port Authority station, near Times Square.

It is the largest terminal in the United States and also the busiest , where more than 65 million people pass through each year.

Port Authority Station in Manhattan.Copyright of theEPAimage
Image captionThe event forced a mass evacuation of bystanders.

Authorities said the explosion occurred at the intersection of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue.

Hundreds of people were evicted from the terminal, which was temporarily closed.

The police called on the population to avoid the area of the bus terminal.

Paramedics in New York.Copyright of theREUTERSimage
Image captionThe emergency services mobilized quickly after the explosion.

“I was going through the turnstile, it sounded like an explosion and everybody started to run,” said André Rodríguez, who was present at the station at the time of the detonation, to the New York Times .

Alicia Wlodkowski, another witness, told Reuters that she saw a group of about 60 people running around the site. “A woman fell down and nobody even stopped to help her because of panic,” he said.

The White House said that President Donald Trump was informed of the incident.

“We are an objective”

“This is New York, the reality is that we are a target for many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Policemen in the streets of New York.Copyright of theREUTERSimage
Image captionThe authorities warned that during the day the police presence would increase in the streets of New York.

“We have the Statue of Liberty in our bay and that makes us an international goal,” he added.

For his part, Mayor Bill de Blasio affirmed that “the terrorists will not win”.

He added that it is believed that the attack was executed by only one person .

The police warned citizens that throughout the day there will be a notable increase in the presence of their officials in the city, but said that “at this moment there are no other concrete and credible threats against New York.”

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