From Rape to Racism Indian Society Setting New Lows


We know they are intolerant for not letting other religions practice their religion, or live a certain way of live. We understand they are oppressive, when they parade innocent civilians tied to jeep hood. We know they are cowards when they don’t allow youth to wear certain colors and we know they are brutal as their capital is tagged as Rape capital of the world.

With all the lows already present in the Indian society there couldn’t be any more to it. But India, under the “visionary” leadership of Modi is now diving to a whole new low. The biggest democracy of the world is now turning racist. A recent video, shot inside Delhi metro, shows an African woman taking off her shirt in anger. The video shows two African women engulfed in a quarrel, as people keep on shouting, BAAHIR NIKALO INHAY – Kick them out. The complainants told they were abused for their race and gender. The commotion frustrated one of the lady so much that she eventually took her shirt off. India is a traditional society where women taking off shirts is indication of extreme frustration and giving up. While the quarrel may have started for any of the various reasons, the actions of the woman speak of the intensity and their hostage frustration. Delhi police though says that no formal complaint was received and both parties had the matter resolved.

While there may not have been ugliness in this particular case, people still cannot forget the bloody video that emerged from Greater Noida, India last month. Caught on mobile cameras and CCTVs, mob can be seen beating hell out of two Nigerian students inside a shopping mall as they lay motion less. Fortunately the students only had few broken bones and deep wounds but nothing life threatening. Nigerian and other African communities have regularly faced racist environment, yet another norm of the Indian society.

One though couldn’t any better from a country whose leader is accused of butchering hundreds of Muslims in his home state. The Butcher of Gujrat, Modi was also denied entry to the United States, post Gujrat allegations. India is already facing human rights violation charges in the United Nations for their brutalities in Kashmir, and these videos simply serve as evidence of collective mentality.

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