Funniest Tweets on Faizabad Dharna


Pakistani nation is emotional, energetic, lively and above all humorous. We as a nation have faced extreme dilemmas and set backs but one thing that has kept us going is our will to find hope and positivity in every situation. By now, almost every child and adult in Pakistan is aware of Faizabad Dharna happenings. The 22 day dharna ended today after a not-so-successful operation started by police on Saturday morning to disperse protesters on instructions of IHC.

Whatever happened after that has been in headlines all across news channels and social media. Therefore we will now look into the humorous aspect of this situation. Team Rava has gathered some of the funniest tweets regarding Faizabad Dharna that tickled our funny bones and will bring a smile to your faces!

Twitteratis did not miss a chance to take a dig at Ahsan Iqbal…

How can we forget Mamnoon Hussain, he has to be a part of this…

Halal what?!? Dear Lord…..

I wouldn’t mind working in this swing as well!

Ahsan Iqbal was the centre of a lot of jokes….

Some people took the dharna jokes to another level….

Karachites were excited for a call-off after a long long time….”Purani Yaadain Taza Hugaen” (If you know what I mean)

And it all came to an end like this (Thankfully)!

This is an actual depiction of when we bring our friends to convince our parents to allow us to go out….

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