General Elections in Pakistan to be held in July 2018

General Elections in Pakistan to be held in July 2018


The general election in Pakistan will be held in July next year, one month after the completion of current government (PML-N) will complete its tenure on June 5th, 2018.


The electoral body is set to be more economical and political independent after Election Act 2017 as claimed by election commission officials. ECP officials revealed during a workshop that watermark papers will be used to ensure transparency. Hiring of independent Returning Officers will be done.

There has also been a revision in fee structure for nomination papers. Rs. 30,000  fee has been set for candidates from National Assembly whereas Rs. 20,000 fee is set for Senate and provincial assemblies contestants.

A limit has also been set for candidates to spend on election campaign. The election campaign spending limit for upper house candidates is set for Rs. 4 million, for provincial assemblies  candidates the limit is set for Rs. 2 million  and for Senate the limit is set for Rs. 1.5 million.


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