PEMRA Bans Ehsan-ullah-Ehsan Saleem Safi Interview

PEMRA Bans Ehsan-ullah-Ehsan Saleem Safi Interview


Painting terrorist pious, Geo does it again.

Every single Pakistani knows him as the face of Tehreek-e-Pakistan, the all famous TTP. He used to pop at our TV screens, or murmur on our newspaper after every barbaric act of terrorism that used to take place, till operation Zarb-e-Azab started. Be it the history changing heinous terrorist act of APS, the Quetta Bar attack, killing of Pakistani soldiers, attack on our military bases, Ehsan-ullah-Ehsan was always the attention seeking kid popping up, with a mischievous smile, and an evil aura.

He was an infidel, all soaked in blood and Dracula attire. At times with gun men standing behind, Ehsan ullah Ehsan was not even an animal, he was an insect, one that needed to be squashed right away. No one loved him, even when he was remorseful in his confessional video. The only repentance he could seek or be offered was the one in the gallows, not anything less, not any earlier. But Geo News, one of the most controversial news channel perhaps either failed to comprehend public sentiments (wonder whether it is always deliberate or unintentional) or was seeking its lost ratings for its illogical Nawaz Sharif support. Just days after Ehsan-ullah-Ehsan confessional video that was made public by ISPR, Geo News started airing its promo of his one on one interview, conducted by Saleem Safi for his program Jirga.

The twitterati erupted in disgust and anger. How can one of the leading news channel of the country paint the most hated person all pious and decent? What was that? A propaganda campaign paid by Ehsan-ullah-Ehsan or a brother helping another in time of crisis. No one cared who he was in the past, or what future did he hold for himself. But, somehow Geo dared.

The public backlash that followed both on social media, and on various other news channel was understandable. Outraged over this inconsiderate act by Geo News, people started reaching out to PEMRA. Thankfully this one reaction did not fall on deaf ears but was rather well attended and responded to. In an expected and perhaps swift action, PEMRA not only banned the promo of the interview it also asked Geo News not to air the interview. It is though surprising how something like this could skip by the state regulator eye in the first place. For now, all well that ends well and a terrorist remains a terrorist.

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