Germany allocates one billion additional euros to Syria and neighboring countries

Germany allocates one billion additional euros to Syria and neighboring countries


The German government said it would “continue with its same high level of commitment” with humanitarian aid to Syria.

The German foreign minister, Heiko Maas, announced on Wednesday (25.04.2018) upon his arrival in Brussels to participate in the international donor conference that Berlin will allocate an additional one billion euros in humanitarian aid for Syria and neighboring countries. , according to a statement from his Ministry.

The German government “will continue with its same high level of commitment and will make available one billion new funds for 2018 and subsequent years,” said the minister, who stressed that the “highest priority” should continue to be the protection of the population. civil.

Maas stressed that Germany is for years one of the largest donors, and above all, the most reliable, and recalled that since the beginning of the crisis in 2012, the German Government has made available about 4,500 million euros in aid .

Germany today shows once again that it feels responsible for people in need of help in Syria and neighboring countries, he said.

13 million people in Syria depend on humanitarian aid

The minister said that only in Syria more than 13 million people depend on humanitarian aid and the millions of refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon continue to need support and future prospects in their region of origin.

“Also the neighboring countries of Syria depend more than ever and in view of these great challenges of reliable partners,” he added.

In this regard, he explained that in his trip to Jordan he was able to see how necessary the aid is, “also in the interest of stability in the region”, which he said will also be discussed today in his meeting with Saad Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon, which has also hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees and “has made a huge contribution in recent years.”

“At the same time, we defend that the serious crimes that occurred in Syria are criminally prosecuted and those responsible, prosecuted,” added the minister, who also stressed the need to “restart the political process” for a solution to the conflict.


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