Girl’s EPIC Response To Workplace Harassment


The short film titled “HER – LET THE VOICE BE YOURS” by Bombay Diaries is the story of a girl who has had enough of her colleague’s creepy comments, stares and touching.

Written and directed by Sana Ahmad, it relays the sad reality of how women stop dressing the way they want, don’t raise their voice against those lewd comments and slight grazes that are relentless in their approach. It shows how people who witness this sort of inappropriate behaviour and do nothing about it, and when the girl finally raises her voice it is labelled as DRAMA.

However, the girl’s final response is amazing when she fights back and tells him, “Malai thodi na hai, sir, ki jab aapka mann chaha aapne chammach dubaya aur chaat liya.”

Sexual harassment at the workplace is a massive problem across India and the world. If you don’t acknowledge this statement, here are a few numbers to go along. In India, the Women and Child Development Ministry reported 526 cases from 92 organisations in 2014. This number increased by 26 per cent in 2016. Wipro topped the list with 111 cases, followed by ICICI Bank with 87 and Infosys with 62.

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