Google appeals for being “search bias”

Google appeals for being “search bias”


NEW DELHI: Google has appealed against a ruling by India’s competition watchdog that found it guilty of “search bias”, while the website that brought the case also challenged the outcome, complaining the online search giant had got off too lightly.

In February, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) had also fined Google 1.36 billion INR ($21 million), stating it was also violating its dominance by giving its own online airline flight search product an unfair advantage over competitors.

Google, the core unit of US firm Alphabet Inc, said on Tuesday it had filed an appeal. “We disagree with aspects of the CCI’s decision, so we have filed an appeal and sought a stay on those findings,” a Google spokesman said.

After the February ruling, Google had referred to the concerns raised by the Commission as “narrow concerns”.

However, a lawyer with knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday that, the Indian matchmaking website that had filed the case against Google was dissatisfied with the outcome., according to the lawyer, has appealed against both the size of the fine, which it says is considerably small, and the CCI’s ruling that neither Google’s specialized search design or its advertising service, AdWords, were breaking competition rules. Google did not comment on that development.

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