Growing Business: Atlas Honda hikes prices for bikes in Pakistan

Growing Business: Atlas Honda hikes prices for bikes in Pakistan


Apparently, cars are not the only mode of transport which has witnessed an increase in price for the second time in 2018! Atlas Honda has once again revised its prices yet again specifically on motorcycles.

The price increase ranges from Rs500-3,000 depending on the model and type. Previously, the company had increased its prices by Rs-500-1,000 on their Honda CG-125, 100CC Pridor, and Honda CG-125 Deluxe.

Moreover, Suzuki, Toyota (Indus Motors), Honda and others have also increased their prices for the second time this year.

Indus Motors Company’s CEO Ali Asghar Jamali, former Chairman of Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories manufacturers Aamir Allawal, attended a media workshop held at a local hotel in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.

At the meet, they informed all those who attended that that there are various factors that influence the rise of the price of their vehicles. This includes current trends, and high costs of materials used in the manufacturing of cars; especially steel, copper, and plastic.

“The auto industry, on average, creates one job for every Rs150,000 invested in the manufacture and assembly of cars. On the import of 79,000 cars, it is estimated that about 184,300 local jobs are lost. About Rs.102 billion is transferred from Pakistan via Hawala and Hundi every year,” he stated.

Other automakers have witnessed a price increase for mainly the same reason.

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