Happy Birthday Govinda: Things this Hero No 1 did, which nobody can dare to do today

Happy Birthday Govinda: Things this Hero No 1 did, which nobody can dare to do today


Govinda ruled the box office in 1990s giving some of the biggest hits like Aankhen, Coolie No. 1, Raja Babu, Dulhe Raja, Saajan Chale Sasural, Hero No. 1, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and Haseena Maan Jaayegi.

If it weren’t for Govinda, 90s Bollywood would’ve been different. The entertainer, who carried the ultimate swag, was the king of comedy in the 90s. He also had the enigma to set the screens on fire with his impeccable dancing or acting. Even the emotional dramas he did, showed why Govinda is not just restricted to comedies. A lot of stuff which he did way back then, can never be recreated onscreen today. Maybe, he was present at the right time and at the right place to make a mark, but for millennials, he will always remain an integral part of their movie watching memories. Govinda has always been the ultimate definition of ‘desi’. He was everything that defined icon of the masses in his heydays.

Govinda ruled an entire decade. Take for instance 1994 when he had 8 releases and one guest appearance. Such was his charisma. Govinda might be trying hard to return to limelight but his fans know that the iconic actor deserves better. And it will only be satiating for them, if Govinda retires gracefully, rather than producing his own films (Aa Gaya Hero).

Govinda has made more news for wrong reasons in the past year, majorly for his standoff with David Dhawan, the man instrumental in making Govinda – the Hero No 1! As the actor tries hard to regain his spot and win back the audience, we as his fans know that what he did in his reigning years, is already a benchmark. As Govinda turns 54 today, we recall all those things, that cannot be done today, because nobody has the courage and talent to do that.

1. Dancing star
There’s hip-hop. There’s salsa. There’s break-dance. Then, there is Govinda-dance. The way he moved, his choice of hook steps and the style with which he did it, has no match in Bollywood. It is said that his choreographers planned the most unique moves for him, which nobody else would try doing. We have seen a flash of it in Varun dhawan  films, but that’s like showing a candle to the sun!

2. Man of expressions

As much as his body moved while dancing, his face moved too. His expressions ensured that half the battle was won for him. His big smile, from corner to corner of his face, cannot be seen on any actor today. Is it because of the way these stars are guarded in front of camera or the veil of poise they have to wear, but we miss that loud laughter that Govinda ensured we got, just by flaunting his own big grin.

3. Fashion icon

He had a garishly loud wardrobe but he carried it with panache and comfort. Sometimes his clothes looked a cut-out from a rainbow, at other times, they were outrageous. But the way he took fashion risks made all of it his second skin, and why not, it was all a reflection of his colourful personality. Everybody around him had to match up with his eccentric personality. Can anyone risk so much today, barring Ranveer Singh?

4. Aunty no 1

As much as he carried his hero style, he did equally well playing a drag. He has cross-dressed in a number of comedies, and his fans only thought he looked pretty in this avatar too! Flaunting saree and lehengas, gajras and bindis, Govinda even had the grace of a woman. Do you remember any actor doing that with so much conviction recently?

5. Choice of words

Be it the lyrics of his songs or the dialogues he spoke in his films, Govinda had the typical writers around him, aptly matching with his style. Can you imagine “Sarkaye Liyo Khatiya” or “Meri Pant Bhi Sexy” featuring in a film today? Or the dialogue – “Khud ko Mughal-e-Azam, humko Anarkali samjha hai bey… Kitna nacha raha hai” being spoken by the lead actor? Definitely no. This is all Govinda-signature!

Govinda has set a benchmark in a lot of things and Bollywood is indebted to him for being such an entertainer for two decades. Here’s wishing Govinda, a very happy birthday!

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