Hariri returns to Lebanon for the first time after resignation

Hariri returns to Lebanon for the first time after resignation


Hours before arriving in his country, the Lebanese prime minister met with the Egyptian president, Abdelfatah al Sisi, and also made an unforeseen stopover in Cyprus.

The resigned Lebanese prime minister, Saad Hariri, returned on Tuesday (21.11.2017) to Beirut almost three weeks after he announced by surprise his resignation in Riyadh, and after a visit today in Egypt and a stopover in Cyprus.


Amid heavy security at the international airport in Beirut, where the plane he was traveling on landed, Hariri went to his residence, located in the center of the Lebanese capital.

The Lebanese politician met with Egyptian President Abdelfatah al Sisi today, and before arriving in Beirut he made an unforeseen stopover in Cyprus, where he met with Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis, with whom he discussed the latest developments in Lebanon and the Middle East region, according to a statement from its press office.

Thousands take to the streets

At the same time, many popular gatherings took place in several neighborhoods of the Lebanese capital and in the city of Sidón (south), where he is a native, the National News Agency (ANN) reported.

Caravans of cars carried his photo, while the assembled hoisted flags of Hariri’s group, Corriente Futuro-a group created by his father, the murdered former prime minister Rafic Hariri-and chanted also slogans in his favor.

Hariri has been invited by President Emmanuel Macron for three days in France, after he resigned by surprise on November 4 in a televised speech in Riyadh, where he stayed for almost two weeks, although the president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, did not has accepted waiting to know the reasons that led to it.

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