Haroon Rasheed Analysis On Nawaz-Zardari Friendly Opposition


Former president Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday claimed the credit for what he called empowering the Sharifs, saying the PML-N leaders became “lion” only when he managed to send retired Gen Pervez Musharraf home.

“They (Sharifs) must not forget that it was I who had made them ‘sher’ (lion) by showing the door to president Musharraf. They (Sharifs) should be thankful to me for what they are today,” Mr Zardari said while addressing the PPP ticket- holders and office-bearers from Gujranwala division at Bilawal House here on Wednesday.

Mr Zardari also justified his decision of becoming president of the country and not the prime minister after his party came to power in 2008.

“I was advised by some in the party to become prime minister, but I wanted to oust Musharraf from the Presidency. So I chose to become president. In the presence of Musharraf, they (Sharifs) were afraid,” he said, adding the workers were his strength and with their hard work the party would be back in the saddle.

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