Health benefits of ORS: Hydration with a winning edge

Health benefits of ORS: Hydration with a winning edge


Almost everyone is familiar with the term ORS and most of you have used it least once in their life. ORS is the abbreviated form of Oral Rehydration Solution and is prescribed for patients, who have lost excess water from their body due to dehydration or any other problem.

ORS was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reverse dehydration when IV administration was impractical or cost prohibitive.  Its remarkable effectiveness is why it is used in lieu of sports drinks, pediatric electrolytes, and IV hydration to save millions of lives every year.

Depending on the condition of the patient, ORS solutions can be prepared at home or be purchased from medical stores. The ones that are prepared at home generally acts slowly than the ones formulated by different registered companies.

Therefore, if you face a crisis situation and needs ORS, it is better for you to know about the different ORS manufacturers in India.

Also, it is recommended to learn the health benefits of this drink.

Health benefits of ORS drink

Anyone, who has not used ORS drink so far and is hesitating to go for it, can certainly checkout the multiple health benefits offered by this fluid solution.

Works well for patients suffering from dehydration 

ORS drink is formulated by using a great combination of salt, sugar and water.

Therefore, anyone who has lost too much of glucose or salt from the body due to excess sweating can easily regain a substantial amount of it just by using this drink.

Studies have also proven the fact that the drinking this solution helps in replenishing the blood with the required minerals or electrolytes, which are lost during any illness.

Many people consider that drinking water can help in hydrating the body but it is not completely true as water does not have the minerals that the body has lost.

Helps in treating diarrhea 

ORS is a must have for homes with babies or kids as children are more susceptible to conditions like diarrhea. Take the recommended amount of ORS powder and mix it in water.

Stir it well and give it to the diarrhea patient at regular interval of time. ORS is often referred as the primary and also one of the most important medicines for diarrhea or any such ailments as it helps in maintaining the water as well as mineral balance of the body.

ORS can be given to patients for three to four days, even if he cannot eat or drink any other food. Yet, you should always consult a doctor for better guidance.

A good choice for athletes and trainers 

If you are someone, who sweats out a lot in the gym or on the tracks, you can certainly carry ORS in a bottle. This will help you feel active even after the entire session of your practice.


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