Help instead of Hate: The Importance of Volunteering for Pakistanis

Help instead of Hate: The Importance of Volunteering for Pakistanis


In a deeply philanthropic country, such as Pakistan, many threaten the good works of volunteering in the name of hatred. It is time to defend the value of helping others.

Today, common values have turned heads and sometimes I wonder: how have we reached this point? You also have to ask yourself seriously, how is it possible that those who work as volunteers should justify their actions and explain why they help others? How is it possible that those who work freely for the common good receive attacks and hostility?

On the International Day of Volunteers, which is celebrated on Tuesday (05.12.2017), we must not remain silent. We must carry out an offensive! It is not enough for the Pakistan Government to hold a ceremony in honor and praise for the volunteer. These people need more than recognition: they need protection and social and political support.

Anyone who insults or attacks humanitarian workers, firemen or paramedics must be held accountable for their actions. Media owners should not belong to those who incite hatred instead of giving help. Nor can we allow these instigators to hide under anonymity.

Those who make fun of those who help must publicly explain how disrespect, racism, and unrest contribute to society.

It is a paradox. Pakistanis a deeply philanthropic country, where almost 25 percent of the population (more than 30 million people) do voluntary work. Especially admirable is the participation of youngsters in these activities.

But at the same time there is a vociferous minority in Pakistan that clumsily equates exclusion and lack of decency with “social resistance.” It is this minority that must be held accountable, not the volunteers they overwhelm. Especially firefighters or paramedics, these demagogue crowds and their hatred have not saved a single life.

Hate those who lend help or live in cynicism is the easiest. This type of person successfully manages to motivate voters and create an atmosphere of fear among the population, but is not able to solve the problems they complain about, nor to promote a more humane and tolerant society.

In Pakistan , a serious debate is urgently needed on the measures we must take to counteract anxiety and anger in society. Volunteering should not have to justify its commitment to a better country. Without that commitment, the nation would become the hell that the so-called “protectors of the West” seek to lead.

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